The Rules Of Preventing Rodent Problems In And Around Your Restaurant Dumpster

Waste is a natural part of any restaurant business, which is why you will find a roll-off dumpster parked behind just about any restaurant you choose. Although waste is a problem you can contend with as a restaurant owner, the rodents that can come along with having a large waste receptacle on the property can be a huge hassle. It can sometimes seem like every mouse and rat within a few city blocks has the capability of sniffing out your dumpster and tracking it down. If you are trying to buck these pesky critter issues, there are a few simple rules you should keep in mind about your dumpster.

Keep your dumpster as clean as possible.

The cleaner your dumpster is kept, inside and out, the less likely it will be that you see rodents hanging around. Even though it can be difficult to keep a waste container clean, it is possible to at least keep it cleaner than usual to keep rodents at bay. Spray off the exterior of the container regularly and request that the container be cleaned out when it is taken by the waste management company for emptying.

Teach employees to never dump loose trash in the dumpster.

Loose trash will just contribute to a dirty waste dumpster that will be filled with bits and pieces of food and trash that rodents love. Train each employee to only throw away waste that is properly housed in a box or bag and to never just grab a trash can filled with loose waste and dump it inside of the dumpster.

Clean the area around your dumpster daily.

Not only should you keep your dumpster clean if you are trying to ward off mice and rats, you will also need to keep the area around your dumpster clean as well. Keep a broom or a dust pan around your back door within easy reach so employees can sweep up any spilled debris that gets dropped during trash takeout tasks. Additionally, it is a good idea to spray the area down with water and industrial sanitizer at least a few times a week.

Make sure you have a lock on your dumpster lid.

Dumpsters that have lids are a must in the food business, but the lid alone will not be enough to deter mice and rodents who can easily squeeze their way inside. Make sure you keep a locking mechanism in place on the lid or look for roll-off dumpster rental services that offer a securely closing lid that snaps in place.