Keeping Your Apartment Complex's Dumpsters Neat And Sanitary

Dumpsters are critical for giving your apartment complex's tenants a way to dispose of trash, but they can become unsightly if you don't keep the area around dumpsters neat and sanitary. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make the dumpster area as beautiful and clean as the rest of the property. Use these ideas to keep your complex looking great while maintaining good sanitation.

Dumpster Fencing

Dumpster fencing offers a way to keep the dumpsters concealed from view. They are available in a wide range of colors and materials, making it easy to find the style that coordinates with your apartment buildings and surrounding area. The fencing should be large enough to accommodate the dumpsters and any recycling bins you have, and the gates should open to provide easy access to your trash pickup service. Your dumpster rental company can help you to determine the right size for the fenced area. To further customize the look of your dumpsters, consider a fenced-in area with a roof to keep your tenants out of the rain or snow when placing trash in the receptacles.

Proper Hygiene

Touching dumpsters with your bare hands isn't the most sanitary option for trash disposal, so consider adding a sanitation station to the inside of the fence. This can include a covered box to hold disposable gloves and a hand sanitizer dispenser. You should also place a small wall-mounted trash container on the fence to hold the used gloves, and have your trash removal service empty the container when it empties the dumpsters.

Easy Trash Depositing

Bags of trash can be heavy, and if your tenants have to carry the bags a long way, it can be difficult for some to take out their trash regularly. Consider placing small flatbed carts or dollies near the rear entrance to your building so your tenants can simply roll their bags of trash to the dumpsters. This option also prevents leaky bags from leaving a trail in your parking lot, and it can prevent bags from tearing, which can leave a mess on your property. Have your janitorial service clean the carts every few days to keep them clean.

Keeping your dumpster area looking great is one way to provide a great experience for your tenants. Consider these options to conceal the dumpsters and make it easy for tenants to deposit their trash with out getting dirty or leaving a mess behind on your property. Contact a rental company, like ESP Dumpsters & Waste Services, for more help.