Should Your HOA Ditch Individual Cans For A Neighborhood Dumpster?

The morning that many people dread is the morning that the trash collection comes by. Dump trucks picking up and putting down cans makes a lot of noise as it moves from house to house in the neighborhood. Depending on the neighborhood, this can happen up to two times a week, which can cause a lot of morning angst. It can also limit parking in the neighborhood on trash day, especially if the streets are narrow. For your area, dumpsters may be a better idea for the neighborhood. If you are a member of the neighborhood homeowner's association and you want to cut down on the issues during trash collection, here is how you can go about it in a few steps. 

Petition for a neighborhood dumpster

Having a dumpster, or a few dumpsters, in the neighborhood could make trash day almost noiseless and much more painless. With a few dumpsters placed in enclosed spaces that are easily accessible to the neighborhood, the noise and the dump trucks will be around for only a few minutes. With the help of the HOA board and the members of the community, map out where the community dumpsters should be placed so that dumpsters are a convenient location to each home in the neighborhood. 

Ask for advice from the trash service

If you want to set up a new method of trash collection, you may need to contact the city's sanitation company. Talk to the trash service about the cost and square footage you need to get  neighborhood dumpsters set up. You may need to set up one dumpster per certain amount of family homes or per block. You may also need to have a recessed and enclosed space that will hold a dumpster and can be accessed by the garbage truck. This may include paving an area for the dumpster and installing gates to create an enclosure. Getting advice for a professional set up is the first step towards making this a new rule for your HOA. 

Announce positive changes

Typically, each household is charged for their trash service. This amount may be monthly or quarterly. If you institute neighborhood dumpsters, it is possible that this cost can be lowered. Roll the cost into the HOA fee for each household and calculate just how much money you can save each resident. Announce the positive changes at the meeting after you have all of the data, then take a vote. Many residents will be happy not to have to deal with taking out and bringing in trash cans each week. Saving money and stopping noise pollution are excellent reasons to get the ball rolling on neighborhood trash collection. 

For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from Powell's  Trash Service.