2 Additional Signs, Other Than Plumbing, That Your Septic Tank Is Failing

When your septic system is having issues, you may not even notice a problem with the plumbing inside your home. For this reason, it is important to know two additional signs that can help you discover an issue with your septic system before it fails.

1. Effluent in Your Yard

When effluent, also known as liquid waste, flows from your septic tank and into your yard, this can be the start of a major issue. This problem occurs when effluent seeps out the of the weakened seams or pipes of your tank or comes from your overflowing drainage field. Identifying the location of the excess moisture is the first step of fixing this problem.

If the liquid appears above the tank, then the problem is most likely a leaking seam or pipe. If the effluent is showing up away from the tank, then your drainage field may be compromised.

In both of these situations, it is best to have a septic company come in to determine the extent of the damage. Once they identify the source of the effluent, the workers can then figure out the best method for repairing the damage to your septic system.

2. Low Spots in Your Yard

A low spot around your tank or drainage field is another issue that may seem minor, but in reality, this can be a major concern. Generally, a low spot in your yard happens due to soil erosion, which can then cause a sinkhole to form.

As the bottom layers of soil erode, the top layer of dirt and grass starts to move downward. This sinking motion makes the ground unstable because there is less soil. If you were to walk around or over the thinning soil, you risk falling through the top layer and onto the tank or into your drainage field.  

Even if you do not walk over the low spots, the sinkhole can still form on its own. As the base erodes away, the top layer will continue to sink, and eventually you'll have a large hole in your yard.

When you notice a lower spot anywhere near your septic tank or drainage field, it is imperative that you contact a septic company like Mr Bob. The workers can inspect the spot to determine how bad the erosion is and they can help you find the best way to replace the soil that your yard is missing.