3 Tips To Keep Your Home's Septic System Running Smoothly

If you recently moved into a home with a septic system, you and your family may have to adjust your daily habits around the house. Septic systems require regular maintenance and care to keep running smoothly. While a sewer pumping specialist can assist you with cleaning out a backed up septic tank, the following tips will hopefully help you keep things under control for years to come.

Spread Out Your Water Usage

Septic tanks don't handle a sustained deluge of incoming water very well. In order to give your system a break, you will want to talk with your family about planning out your daily water usage. For example, try and spread your washer loads out through the week instead of doing everyone's laundry on the same day. If you have multiple family members who like to work out, consider using the gym's facilities to shower instead of every family member taking two or more showers per day.

Be Careful with Your Food Disposal

While it's ok to put some food down the garbage disposal, doing so on a regular basis will lead to your septic tank needing to be pumped more frequently. When possible, opt for a trash can for your leftover food instead of the kitchen sink. Also, take care to avoid putting grease from the frying pan or other similar substances down the drain as this can cause havoc on your septic line. Too much grease can also keep the bacteria in the septic system from fully breaking down the waste. Be sure the rest of your family, including any small children, is following these guidelines as well.

Tackle Leaks Quickly

If you notice a leak on a faucet, fix it or call a plumber who can immediately. Even a small leak can add a large quantity of water to your system if it is dripping water 24 hours a day. Make sure your children understand the importance of making sure that every faucet is completely turned off after every use.

Every septic tank system is going to need to be pumped by a specialist eventually. But following some best practices on a daily basis can help keep things under control. Spread out your water usage so you don't overload the tank with too much water at once. Opt for a garbage can instead of the kitchen sink when disposing of food whenever possible. Finally, take care of leaks quickly and ensure that all faucets are always turned completely off after each use. For more tips about keeping your plumbing and pipes in shape, visit websites like http://www.bergtanksinc.com/.