How Portable Toilets Are Environmentally Sound

Meeting the toilet needs of employees on certain job sites or guests at an outdoor event often means renting portable bathrooms. These units can provide a safe and hygienic solution for bathroom needs, but they also aid the environment. When you choose to rent these portable units, you are actually doing a service for Mother Nature as well as making things convenient for the people involved.

Water Usage

Water savings is one of the biggest advantages to renting these portable toilets. Experts estimate that one construction site that hosts ten crews working for a week can use 2,500 gallons of water to handle the waste they produce if they use conventional bathroom facilities. Portable toilets would need only a fraction of that water amount. So by offering outdoor facilities, you are actually saving water and benefiting the environment. 


For farm workers and other laborers that work outdoors, having portable potties means that they do not have to drive back to the office or other indoor location to use a bathroom.  These trips burn a great deal of fuel and time. In addition, labor laws dictate that you provide a certain number of acceptable facilities for your workers. You, your workers, and the environment benefit when you invest in portable toilets.


Portable toilets can be used over and over again at a number of locations throughout their lifespan, meaning by their very nature they are "green." In addition, portable toilets are made largely of plastic with some metal pieces. They are almost completely recyclable after they are no longer useful. 


When people do not have access to enough outdoor toilets, they will make use of nature. Unfortunately, this practice can be harmful to plant and animal life. When human waste makes its way through the ecosystem, it can introduce chemicals and medications that humans consume into the environment, harming animals who eat the contaminated vegetation. In addition, insects can carry a variety of diseases contracted from improperly disposed of waste. When you rent portable toilets for your workers, you are helping protect the surrounding area from the harmful effects of human waste. 

Portable toilets are a practical and affordable solution for the bathroom needs of your workers or guests. An added bonus is how beneficial they are to the environment. They are convenient, and they also save vital resources. In addition, they can be recycled. You can feel good about providing quality portable units for the people around you. For more information, contact companies like Road Runner Waste Service Inc.