4 Maintenance Tips For Portable Toilet Rentals

If you are hosting guests or having an event, one of the main concerns is to ensure proper sanitization. In this regard, portable toilet rentals help you meet these needs. However, portable toilets need regular maintenance to improve their smell, look, and function.

Discover four maintenance tips for your portable toilet rentals below. 

1. Implement Regular Cleaning 

Cleaning is essential for the maintenance of your portable toilets. However, you should also focus on the points that everyone touches, such as door handles and sanitizer stations to keep germs away.

Also, you should invest in cleaning tablets to manage odors. You should place the tablets at the bottom of the toilet to prevent germs from spreading and keep away the odors. As a result, it provides a sense of freshness that offers your guests comfort.

Nonetheless, regular cleaning throughout the event reduces the workload once the event ends. In addition, you can hire cleaning services to help with sanitization. While they are competent at their work, you should be proactive in ensuring that the toilets are clean and point out areas with a foul smell.

2. Implement Proper Ventilation

You should air out your portable toilets as frequently as possible. The more you keep the toilets locked, the more pungent the stench they will have. In addition, your guests may feel uncomfortable using such toilets if they smell.

Thus, ensuring proper ventilation through airing can improve how the toilet smells by ensuring it remains fresh. In addition, this practice is ideal for portable toilets used for long sessions, making them comfier.

3. Stock Sanitation Supplies

You should invest in sanitation products, including tissues, sanitizers, and paper towels essential for your guests. In this regard, you should ensure that you have enough supplies to meet the needs of the attendees throughout the events.

Also, sanitization supplies such as air fresheners prevent odors in your portable toilets. However, you should consult your mobile toilet rental company about the best suitable products to keep the portable toilets fresh.

4. Hire Enough Units

Depending on the number of people you are hosting for an event, you should hire a corresponding number of units. Specifically, keeping your toilets clean is easier and more manageable if you have enough units throughout the event.

In some cases, the toilets may block or malfunction. Thus, having enough toilets ensures that your guests will not have any inconveniences while using the restrooms. Also, it reduces the waiting time as they are enough units to serve all attendees.


Keeping your portable toilets may not be easy, especially when dealing with many guests. However, these maintenance tips will ensure that your toilets are ready to use and keep your guests comfortable throughout the event. In addition, if you need quality and well-maintained portable toilets, reach out to your local portable toilet rental company.