3 Long-Term Measures For Preventing Mold And Mildew Growth In Your Home

Have you recently dealt with mold and mildew growth in your home? Is mold a recurring problem in your household? If so, you must take measures to prevent the fungus from growing back. Mold and mildew can lower indoor air quality and trigger respiratory complications in your household. Therefore, if the fungi keep growing back even after treatment, apply these long-term measures to curb their growth.  Install Leak Detection Systems

4 Maintenance Tips For Portable Toilet Rentals

If you are hosting guests or having an event, one of the main concerns is to ensure proper sanitization. In this regard, portable toilet rentals help you meet these needs. However, portable toilets need regular maintenance to improve their smell, look, and function. Discover four maintenance tips for your portable toilet rentals below.  1. Implement Regular Cleaning  Cleaning is essential for the maintenance of your portable toilets. However, you should also focus on the points that everyone touches, such as door handles and sanitizer stations to keep germs away.