Should Your HOA Ditch Individual Cans For A Neighborhood Dumpster?

The morning that many people dread is the morning that the trash collection comes by. Dump trucks picking up and putting down cans makes a lot of noise as it moves from house to house in the neighborhood. Depending on the neighborhood, this can happen up to two times a week, which can cause a lot of morning angst. It can also limit parking in the neighborhood on trash day, especially if the streets are narrow.

3 Tips For Entertaining Guests In Your Home When You Have A Septic System

Septic system are very effective in managing waste for a household, but when you are hosting a large event at your home or welcoming multiple overnight guests, your septic tank may be stressed. Having a septic system in your home does not mean that you can't have a great time with many family members and friends, but it is important to take steps to ensure that having extra people using the system does not cause any septic system back-ups.

Keeping Your Apartment Complex's Dumpsters Neat And Sanitary

Dumpsters are critical for giving your apartment complex's tenants a way to dispose of trash, but they can become unsightly if you don't keep the area around dumpsters neat and sanitary. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make the dumpster area as beautiful and clean as the rest of the property. Use these ideas to keep your complex looking great while maintaining good sanitation. Dumpster Fencing

The Rules Of Preventing Rodent Problems In And Around Your Restaurant Dumpster

Waste is a natural part of any restaurant business, which is why you will find a roll-off dumpster parked behind just about any restaurant you choose. Although waste is a problem you can contend with as a restaurant owner, the rodents that can come along with having a large waste receptacle on the property can be a huge hassle. It can sometimes seem like every mouse and rat within a few city blocks has the capability of sniffing out your dumpster and tracking it down.

Cleaning Up After A Flood? How To Prevent Odors In The Process

Coming home to a flood is never fun, especially if you have children with allergies. Sure, you'll do the right thing and call in the professionals to help you remove the water and clean up any damage that the flood leaves in its wake. But simply drying out the space may not be good enough to prevent odors from any mold and mildew that could begin to grow. For this you need to be vigilant, not only to protect your belongings, but more so to protect the health and well-being of your family.